The Ukulele Owner's Manual

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Know Your Instrument; Protect Your Investment; Sound Your Best

Series: String Letter Publishing

Product Number: 00365081

Format: Softcover & Online Video

ISBN: 9781936604425

The essential guide to your ukulele!

If you care about your ukulele–and we know you do!–The Ukulele Owner's Manual is the perfect reference guide to understanding your instrument and how it works, how to keep it in tip-top shape, how to troubleshoot problems that might arise, what you need to know about strings and accessories, and much more.

It comes from the publishers of Ukulele magazine, so you know you can trust it! With this indispensable guide, you'll become a more savvy uke owner and also enjoy learning about the ukulele's colorful history along the way. At last, you can find answers to fundamental questions about your instrument in one convenient place! Valuable information and advice from Jim Beloff, Craig Chee, Aaron Keim, Sarah Maisel, Mim, Mamie Minch, Greg Olwell, Heidi Swedberg, and other experts. ©2021, 88 pages