The Trance Experience - Introduction to Electronic Dance Music

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Product Overview

This amazing package comes complete with five interactive DVDs with complete multi-track session files in Digidesign Pro Tools TDM, Steinberg Nuendo, Digidesign Pro Tools LE, Apple Logic, MOTU Digital Performer, Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg Cubase SX, and Apple GarageBand. Produced using tools by Waves, Apple Logic, Native Instruments, MOTU, UAD, FabFilter, Sony, AudioEase, and Basement Arts. Includes original, copyright-cleared samples! With all these tools, you'll learn trance composition and arrangement, mixing and production "in the box, " signal processing techniques, other adventures in sound design, the lowdown on loops, and much more. There is also an overview of all the leading trance styles, full multi-track sessions for major DAW platforms, and royalty-free sounds and samples. Hardcover. 178 pages. Book & DVD-ROM package.