The Touring Musician's Handbook

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Product Overview

THE TOURING MUSICIAN'S HANDBOOK Containing everything you ever wanted to know about being a musician on a tour with a signed recording group or performer, The Touring Musician's Handbook answers the questions every musician has about moving up to the big-time world of concerts, clubs, and live shows. Among the topics covered are:
  • How to become a Touring Musician
  • Getting a gig with a touring act
  • The kind of chops and gear needed
  • How the audition process works
  • Different types of tours and pay scales
  • What to expect in production rehearsals
  • How to prep for a tour
  • Proper tour etiquette
  • What to look for in a tech The book also looks into the unique challenges facing touring players according to their instruments, including drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, percussion, horns, and strings. As a bonus, interviews with veteran touring musicians and techs provide an overview of touring with some of the biggest acts in the world. A DVD that covers tour preparation based on both personal and equipment needs accompanies the book. ©2011, Book & DVD, 256 pages.
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