The Total Rock Bassist

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Order this comprehensive book and experience a unique and exciting journey through the diverse world of rock bass playing. From the blues-soaked sound of early rock " n" roll to the hyperkinetic thrash of modern metal, rock music has something for every kind of bassist out there , no matter what your style and preference is. This book breaks down the music and playing of iconic players throughout history, including authentic-sounding music examples in a variety of styles. Learn the technique, theory, and song forms needed to be a great bassist, and take the stage in your own rock band. A CD demonstrating the examples in the book is included. Features: Authentic-sounding examples in a wide variety of styles including classic rock, metal, punk, blues, reggae, ska, and funk * Basic chord progressions used for thousands of songs * Essential techniques including fingerstyle, pick, slap & pop, tapping, and double-stops * Important rock rhythms and odd time signatures * Lots of scales, triads, arpeggios, and modes, including exotic scales for a modern sound. ©2008, Book & CD.