The Total Drummer

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A Guide to Developing Your Style, Feel, Touch, Groove, and More

Product Number: 00360812

Format: Softcover & Online Video

ISBN: 9781705125038

The Total Drummer is put together for any drummer who is looking to take their playing to the next level, offering a complete package designed to help you achieve your musicianship goals. Professional drummer, producer, and educator Dimitri Fantini guides you through exercises, drills, and routines that are guaranteed to improve your playing!

Lessons include: rudiments; developing advanced hand and feet techniques; coordinating independence; stacking meters; maximizing vocabulary; working in the studio; over an hour of video performances and instruction; and more!

The book includes video lessons, showing you how to implement the concepts described within. It also includes a special solo performance by the author, fully transcribed and showing all the techniques explained in the book!

Video is accessed online for download or streaming using the unique code inside each book. ©2022, 80 pages