The Total Classical Guitarist

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The Classical Guitarist teaches all the elements of classical guitar from early elemenatary to late intermediate levels - those with some experience playing guitar. Examples are written in standard music notation only (no TAB). This exciting method features in-depth lessons on right- and left-hand technique, posture, ornaments and slurs, performance aesthetics, fingernail care, and much more. It features: * Practical, easy-to-understand lessons in technique and posture * In-depth discussion of fingernails, including shape and maintenance * Comprehensive instruction on performing slurs and ornaments * Special techniques such as pizzicato, Bart""³k pizzicato, natural harmonics, artificial harmonics, tamboura, and tremolo * Musical considerations like dynamics, colors, articulations, rubato, and vibrato * Practicing strategies, including notes for crossover players and making the most of your practice time A CD demonstrating all of the examples in the book is included. ""©2012, (39338)