The Studio Musician's Handbook

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What happens during a big-time professional recording session can be easily applied to make even the most casual recording session successful. In The Studio Musician's Handbook, best-selling author Bobby Owsinski and in-demand studio bassist Paul Ill reveal the inner workings of a major Hollywood recording session, including a look at the players themselves. You'll learn:
  • How you become a studio musician
  • Who hires you and how much you get paid
  • What kind of skills you need and what gear you must have
  • Proper session etiquette
  • How to apply these skills in every type of recording session Plus the authors have created individual session musician guides for guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keys, horns, and strings. Interviews with famous and influential session players are also included. As a bonus, an accompanying DVD takes you inside an actual record date in a world-class studio with world-class players. ©2009, Book & DVD, 314 pages.
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