The Student Music Organizer

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Product Overview

The main goal of The Student Music Organizer book is to keep your students organized, thus they will be more productive and will gain far more from their musical instruction, whatever their instrument. The Book is divided into different sections and provides the student with some great resources to be used all year long ... right at their fingertips! Contents: Weekly Assignment Sheets This section contains weekly lesson assignment sheets for one full year. These are to be filled in by the teacher at each lesson. That way, the student, the teacher and the parent can tell at a glance what has been completed to-date and what has been assigned for the next week. (This is especially helpful for the teacher who has a lot of students). The student can monitor his/her progress by marking the accomplished practice time in the chart provided. (Teachers may use special stickers on each of the lesson assignment sheets to reward students for 'perfect practicing'). This encourages daily practice, so important to musical success. In this way, the student becomes responsible and accountable. Student's Practice Schedule The 'Student Practice Schedule' sheet enables the teacher and student to decide on how much practice time is required each day. The teacher can then break this time into smaller sections (i.e. sight reading, technique, pieces and review). Technical work is scheduled to enable the student to practice major scales on Monday, minor scales on Tuesday and so on. Goal Setting, Exams, Recitals & Festival classes Using the Student Goals sheet, both the student and the teacher can set musical goals together for the year. A space has been provided to compile favourite pieces. This repertoire list becomes the basis for daily review plus the selection of material for exams, festivals and recitals. The yearly format allows the student or the teacher to look back at previous books and see at a glance what has been accomplished in other years. Extra Manuscript Paper These sheets can be used for extra practise in theory, for vocal or piano exercises or even for the student's own composition. Musical Reference Guide The student and teacher can quickly find all the regularly used musical terms plus key signatures and note values in the back of the book. There is also a new section on music history and composers. ... All for only $9.95