The Sound Studio, Seventh Edition

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This classic work has inspired and informed a whole generation ofartists and technicians working in all branches of the audio industry. Now in its seventh edition, "The Sound Studio" has been thoroughly revised to encompass the rapidly expanding range of possibilities offered by today's digital equipment. It now covers: the virtual studio; 5.1 surround sound; hard drive mixers and multichannel recorders; DVD and CD-RW. Alec Nisbett provides encyclopaedic coverage of everything from acoustics, microphones and loudspeakers, to editing, mixing and sound effects, as well as a comprehensive glossary. Through its six previous editions, "The Sound Studio" has been used for over 40 years as a standard work of reference on audio techniques. For a new generation, it links all the best techniques back to their roots: the unchanging guiding principles that have long been observed over a wide range of related media and crafts. "The Sound Studio" is intended for anyone with a creative or technical interest in sound - for radio, television, film and music recording - but has particularly strong coverage of audio in broadcasting, reflecting the author's prolific career. Contents: Audi techniques and equipment; The sound medium; Stereo; Studios and acoustics; Microphones; Microphone balance; Speech balance; Music balance; Monitoring and control; Volume and dynamics; Filters and equalization; Reverberation and delay effects; Recorded and remote sources; Fades and mixes; Sound effects; The virtual studio; Shaping sound; Audio editing; Film and video sound; Planning and routine; Communication in sound; Glossary.
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