The SOS Guide to Live Sound

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Product Overview

Optimising Your Band's Live-Performance Audio

The SOS Guide to Live Sound will give you the practical advice that will allow you to accomplish your live-sound goals in every performance.

Learn how to choose, set up, and use a live-performance sound system. Get the basics of live-sound mixing, save money by treating your gear well with a crash course in maintenance, and fix issues as they happen with a section on problem-solving, full of real-world situations. You’ll also get information on stage-monitoring, both conventional and in-ear, along with the fundamentals of radio microphones and wireless mixing solutions. Finally, a comprehensive glossary of terminology rounds out this must-have reference.


Chapter 1 — Drivers and Loudspeakers

Chapter 2 — Practical PA Systems

Chapter 3 — Live-sound Monitoring Options

Chapter 4 — Audio Mixers

Chapter 5 — Microphones

Chapter 6 — DI Boxes

Chapter 7 — Other PA Components

Chapter 8 — Equalisers And Effects

Chapter 9 — Managing The Backline

Chapter 10 — Radio Microphones And Guitar Systems

Chapter 11 — Microphone Choice And Placement

Chapter 12 — The Role Of The Mix Engineer

Chapter 13 — The Technical Stuff

©2014, 304 pages