The Scottish Accordion

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Product Number: 30858M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

Skill Level: Beginning-Intermediate

ISBN: 978-15134-6758-0

Modern Scottish accordion music shows the influence of folk styles, dance music and solo and ensemble performance practice. In this compendium of stylistic approaches, freelance musical director, composer, musician, and tutor Will Marshall provides a multifaceted intermediate-level guide to playing traditional Scottish dance music. 

From separate left and right-hand part analysis to the fine points of deploying the “Scotch snap” and bellows phrasing, Marshall offers the basic tools to create melody, bass and chord arrangements from a traditional Scottish tune or ceilidh collection. He presents chapters on Scottish accordion history and dance rhythms, detailed instructions for playing jigs, reels, and strathspeys, plus tips on the execution of grace notes and accents. Even seasoned accordionists will appreciate the chapter on “Practice and Mindset” plus the author’s ideas about compiling sets for dancers to kick up their heels. Includes access to online audio. ©2021, 80 pages


he Piano Accordion in Scottish Music 
The Left Hand 
How to Read and Play the Left Hand 
Major Chord 
Minor and 7ths 
Diminished Chords 
Slash Chords 
What is a Jig? 
Jig for John 
Metronome Practice 
Simple Right-Hand Rhythm 
How to Play with Both Hands at Once 
Right-Hand Techniques 
Time to Play a Jig! 
Jig for John 
More Jig Rhythms 
What is a Reel? 
The Forth Rail Bridge 
Playing the Left Hand in 4/4 Time 
Metronome Practice 
Simple Right-Hand Rhythms – Reels 
How do we play both hands at once? 
Things to Look for in 2/4 
Right-Hand Techniques 
Time to Play Reels 
The Forth Rail Bridge 
The Morning Loop 
What is a Strathspey? 
Lachlan’s Bounce 
How to Play the Left Hand 
Metronome Practice 
Simple Right-Hand Rhythms – Strathspeys 
Time to Play your First Strathspey! 
How to Play Both Hands at Once 
Other Strathspey Ryhthms 
Time to Play 
Lachlan’s Bounce 
Grace Notes 
Accents, Bellows and Phrasing 
The Forth Rail Bridge 
Jig for John 
Lachlan’s Bounce 
Practice and Mindset
Let’s Play 
The Forth Rail Bridge 
Let’s Play a Jig! 
Jig for John 
Let’s Play Reels! 
The Forth Rail Bridge 
The Morning Loop 
Let’s Play a Strathspey! 
Lachlan’s Bounce 
Bass Chart