The Reader's Digest Keyboard Course

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Learn to Play 100 Unforgettable Songs the Easy Wasy Fun, easy, and highly enjoyable, the KEYBOARD COURSE is sure to make today" s inexperienced, budding musician tomorrow" s maestro. For those who do not know how to read music, this ingenious songbook will help you play by the numbers with a set of peel-off decals that can be placed on the keys of the instrument. Even if you are just getting started, you" ll be able to tackle great popular songs right away. Containing both the melodies and lyrics to 100 of the best-known songs of our time, the KEYBOARD COURSE includes "Tomorrow, " "When You Wish Upon a Star, " "Happy Birthday to You, " and many more popular songs that have been enjoyed for years. Here is the perfect beginner" s songbook for the millions of would-be pianists and keyboard artists of all ages. ©2005, 208 pages.