The Professional Songwriter: Songwriting, Recording and Making Money with Your Music

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Format: Softcover

In the ovdercrowded world of "how to" books on songwriting, The Professional Songwriter stands out as unique. This book is designed to prepare the aspiring songwriter with the musical wherewithal and the business acumen needed to succeed in today's world of composing on-demand. In a single text, composer Louis Anthony deLise seamlessly synthesizes the sometimes-separate worlds of the music and business. ©2019, 266 pages

- Scale Formulas
- Chords and Chord Progressions
- Popular Song Forms
- Melody Writing
- Lyric Writing
- Latest Trends in Songwriting
- Music Business Cast of Characters
- Who to know; Who to avoid
- Sample Agreements

- Over 90 Examples
- Six New Interviews with Industry Leaders
- Recipes for Success; Methods to Monetize
- Dozens of References
- Complete Glossary of Terms
- Coordinated Playlist of Examples on Apple Music and Spotify

Table of Contents:

Chapter One. Melody, Rhythm and Harmony
Chapter Two. Song Forms
Chapter Three. Single Period Form
Chapter Four. The Blues Form
Chapter Five. Verse/Chorus Form
Chapter Six. Twentieth-Century Bar Form
Chapter Seven. Pop Song Binary Form
Chapter Eight. Lyrics
Chapter Nine. Reasons to Write, Methods to Monetize
Chapter Ten. A New Paradigm
Chapter Eleven. Coda

Louis Anthony deLise maintains an active career as a composer of published chamber music while simultaneously producing and arranging for hit records on several major labels. Dr. deLise was previously Lecturer in Composition and Music Theory at the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University and Adjunct Professor of Theory and Composition at Rowan University.