The Producers

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Mel Brooks' "The Producers" has the honorable distinction of being the biggest smash in the history of Broadway! The production, which won a record 12 Tony Awards, is based on Brooks' 1968 comedy classic film, and stars the loveable Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.This deluxe vocal selections book features a stunning 8-page section of full-color photos from the Broadway production, and piano/vocal arrangements of 19 fantastic songs: Along Came Bialy, Betrayed, Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop, Goodbye!, Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band? (Have You Ever Heard the German Band?) * Heil Myself, I Wanna Be a Producer, In Old Bavaria, Keep It Gay, The King of Broadway, Opening Night, Prisoners of Love (Leo & Max), Springtime for Hitler, That Face, 'Til Him, We Can Do It, When You Got It, Flaunt It, Where Did We Go Right?, You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night. ©2002, Piano/Vocal/Guitar, 120 pages.