The Private Voice Studio Handbook

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A nationally recognized expert in teaching private voice, Joan Boytim is the compiler of some of the most widely used vocal collections in the U.S. Her clinics about various aspects of teaching voice, literature, and running a voice studio as a small business have been attended by thousands of teachers across America.Now that professional wisdom has been put into a new book, The Private Voice Studio Handbook. Its chapters address, in practical detail, topics such as starting a private voice studio, solving problems of equipment and space, recruiting and accepting students, ideas for the very first lesson with a new student, studio policies and guidelines, teaching music reading in the voice studio, recommended syllable drills and vocalises, lesson plans for voice lessons, recommended practice procedures for students, choosing repertoire of various levels suitable to students' abilities, finding appropriate sacred solos, accounting and record-keeping in the voice studio, tax advice for the private studio teacher, teaching voice to children, teaching voice to adults, planning studio recitals, styles of teaching, specific teaching suggestions, and related topics. ©2002, 224 pages.