The PianoTrainer Scales Workbook

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Product Overview

Series: Faber Edition: PianoTrainer

Product Number: 12-0571541895

Format: Softcover

Level: Elementary to Intermediate

ISBN: 978-0-571-54189-8

The PianoTrainer Scales Workbook is an all-in-one must-have resource for scales, arpeggios and broken chords, including all the keys and basic shapes that piano students should learn. With clear scale notation, easy-to-visualize keyboard diagrams and excellent theory activities to consolidate understanding and underline the importance of writing music.

It is ideal for developing a bespoke scale curriculum, and the unique PianoTrainer Scale Challenge will help create structure and motivation for students. Suitable for elementary to intermediate (approximately Grade 5) level players, this workbook covers several years; study alongside The Foundation Pianist and The Intermediate Pianist books. Each key includes the major and harmonic, melodic and natural minor scales, plus the arpeggio and broken chord, all covering two octaves. There are also introductions to contrary motion, chromatic and Russian scales.

"This comprehensive collection is a go-to resource that every budding piano student should have, with its clear presentation, creative activities and original coaching tips. "--Liz Giannopoulos, Encore Music Tuition. ©2021