The Perfect Rehearsal

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The Perfect Rehearsal will show choral directors how to maximize their rehearsal time, leading to more efficient, effective and productive rehearsals, and to a better choir! Using the metaphor of a 'road trip' to symbolize the rehearsal process, Dr. Seelig covers the general topics of pre-planning, rehearsing, and what to do post-concert. If this sounds like the recipe for a dry, boring book - quite the opposite. The Perfect Rehearsal is a wonderful read, full of interesting stories from Dr. Seelig's 20+ year career (conducting the famous Turtle Creek Chorale of Dallas, TX.) The 'road trip' concept makes for fun detours about 'historical markers, ' 'motion sickness, ' keeping the kids in line in the back seat, 'are we there yet?' etc. ©2007, 138 pages.