The Perfect Harmonica Method

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Publisher: Centerstream Publications

Format: Softcover with CD

 The harmonica can produce rich music that is impossible for many other instruments. It is easy to learn and very portable for creating a beautiful melody anywhere!

Learning the harmonica can improve your breathing, and thus, your health. By forcing you to breath out and in to play melody, the diaphragm muscle will get exercised a lot. You will learn all this and more in the The Perfect Harmonica Method

The harmonica opens a wonderful new avenue of musical adventure for classroom learning or individual playing. The Perfect Harmonica Method is the beginner's guide to learning to enjoy music and play the harmonica. This book also includes a 91-minute demonstration CD, and an easy-to-follow book. Developed by Jerry Perelman, this method has been proven over a period of years with thousands of successful students.

64 pages