The New Music Business For Independent Artists and Record Labels ( Street Law #1 )

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780578585574

The Music Business is changing. Streaming is replacing CDs and Vinyls, the cost of production is at an all time low, but most importantly, the last few years have witnessed the proliferation of Independent Artists and Record labels. Independent Artists do not need a record deal to succeed in the current economic environment. To achieve this however, Indie Artists must organize and run themselves effectively as a business.
This book is divided in to four parts.The first Part of this book examines the changing aspects and business models of the Music Industry. It focuses on the revenue sources available to Independent Artists and Record Labels, including, but not limited to Streaming Pay outs from Tidal, Spotify, YouTube etc; tours; endorsements; and merchandising. It also horns in on Intellectual Property Assets like Copyrights, Royalties, Trademarks and Trade Secrets.
The Second part deals with the Independent Artists and record Labels as Businesses. It offers pointer on how Artists can properly register and effectively manage themselves as a business while examining the various legal entities (Sole Proprietor, Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations), discussing their advantages and disadvantages.
Part three navigates the very important but always neglected topic of Taxes and bookkeeping for small businesses It offers directions on how and when Indie Artists should file their taxes and how to properly keep up with their Books (Invoices, Expenditures, Ledgers etc).
The final Part of this book deals with the basics of Contract Law which is a huge part of the Music Business. ©2019, 134 pages