The MXF Book

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Product Overview

An Introduction to the Material eXchange Format The MXF Book introduces and explains the MXF standard and helps engineers write MXF applications. The book also explains the reasons behind many details of the specification documents. Introduction
  • What is an MXF file?
  • Case study - Usage and applications of MXF
  • MXF Physical & Logistical Structures
  • Constraining MXF - OP usage
  • How to put essence into an MXF file
  • DV in MXF
  • D-10 & D-11 in MXF
  • Long GoP MPEG and MXF
  • Audio
  • Uncompressed
  • Data Streams and other mappings
  • HD-CAM
  • Introduction to User Metadata
  • DMS-1 Metadata Scheme
  • Roll your own metadata
  • Index tables and their Applications
  • Interoperability with AAF
  • MXF AAF, UML and XML
  • Implementers hints and tips
  • Applications ©2006, 416 pages.
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