The Musician's Video Handbook

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Product Overview

The Musician's Video Handbook (another title in Bobby Owsinski's successful Handbook series) describes everything a musician needs to know to easily make any of the various types of videos that are now required of a musical artist for promotion. From creating a club video, shooting a pro-quality music video, or creating an electronic press kit, this book shows you how to do it right by demonstrating the tricks and tips used by the pros to make a professional-looking video, even with inexpensive gear and limited resources. The book provides easy-to-grasp basics of camera gear, lighting, and audio, and an overview of production and post-production techniques that even novices can utilize. Issues covered include types of cameras, lighting the band, editing techniques, permissions and releases, and much more. Features easy-to-understand explanations geared to musicians and performers; interviews with video-music pros; and an instructional DVD. A third of the book features exclusive interviews with well-known producers and editors who share their techniques with the reader. The accompanying DVD takes the viewer through each phase of the production and post-production processes and provides tricks and tips from some of the best video producers in the business. ©2010, Book & DVD, 280 pages. The Musician" s Video Handbook answers the following questions:
  • 1. What kind of camera do I need?
  • 2. How do I work the camera like a pro?
  • 3. What" s the best way to light the band?
  • 4. How do I encode for YouTube so it looks the best?
  • 5. What" s the best format to use?
  • 6. How do I cover up edits?
  • 7. Why is great audio so important?
  • 8. What kind of releases do we need to have signed before a shoot?
  • 9. How do we make an electronic press kit?
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