The Music Industry Handbook, 2nd Edition

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Product Overview

The Music Industry Handbook, Second Edition is an expert resource and guide for all those seeking an authoritative and user-friendly overview of the music industry today.

The new edition includes coverage of the latest developments in music streaming, including new business models created by the streaming service sector. There is also expanded exploration of the music industry in different regions of the UK and in other areas of Europe, and coverage of new debates within the music industry, including the impact of copyright extensions on the UK music industry and the business protocols involved when music is used in film and advertising.

The Music Industry Handbook, Second Edition also includes:

  • In-depth explorations of different elements of the music industry, including the live music sector, the recording industry and the classical music business
  • Analysis of business practices across all areas of the industry, including publishing, synchronisation and trading in the music industry
  • Profiles presenting interviews with key figures workings in the music industry
  • Detailed further reading for each chapter and a glossary of essential music industry terms.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction Paul Rutter 2 Music into industry Paul Rutter Contribution by Pete Astor 3 The live music industry sector Paul Rutter Contributions by Dave Robinson and Phil Pethybridge 4 Music ownership into copyright Paul Rutter 5 Music publishing Paul Rutter 6 The recorded music industry sector Paul Rutter Contributions by Phil Harding, Mike Smith, Peter Leathem and Lynne McDowell 7 Managing music Paul Rutter Contribution by Colin Lester 8 Promoting music Paul Rutter Contribution by Fiona Sturges 9 Music synchronisation and non-music brand relationships Stu Lambert Contribution by Simon May 10 The classical music business Marius Carboni 11 Music venture strategies Paul Rutter 12 Trading in the music industry Paul Rutter 13 Into the future: the nascent music industries Paul Rutter

Paul Rutter is an Associate Professor and Programme Group Leader of the Popular Music Scheme at Southampton Solent University, UK. He is a writer, musician, international songwriter/composer and music producer. Paul is a regular on-air guest contributor, commentator and research consultant in BBC media on popular music news and issues and has over 30 years’ experience in the music industry. He is also chapter author of ‘Soundtracks: Using Music in Film’ in The Film Handbook (Mark de Valk with Sarah Arnold, 2013).

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