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The Essential Playlist Guide and Fact Book This is an incredible resource that includes:
  • Over 3, 000 of the greatest hits, near hits, should've been hits, classic album tracks and buried treasures from rock and roll's first 40 year.
  • The intriguing facts, figures and trivia behind teh songs and artists.
  • The ideal songs for 156 differenct playlists and occasions. This is your guide to the ultimate playlists for: One-Hit Wonders; Surf Instrumentals; New Wave Doo-Wap; Goth; Disco; Glam; Punk; Classic Rock; Christmas Hits: Heavy Metal; Power Ballads ... and many more! Your source for amazing facts, figures and music trivia. You'll discover:
  • What song Led Zeppelin "borrowed" from for "Stairway To Heaven".
  • What band both Jimi Hendrix and actor Joe Pesci played in.
  • Which band scored five #2 hits, but never a #1
  • ... and much more. ©2006, 311 pages.
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