The Music Business 2018: Practical Advice for the Music Business of Today

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Format: Softcover

The Music Industry 2018 is a step-by-step instruction manual about growing a career in the music industry of today. Brad Sweet writes in a fun, easy-to-read format about his own struggles and experiences in the music industry and winning formulas that can be used today to find more fans and make more money in the music business. This book covers topics such as: mindset, branding, social media marketing, marketing funnels, email automation, music releases and release schedules, crowdfunding strategies and techniques, touring, promoting shows and selling tickets, how to book shows and much more. Each topic is covered in depth with actual websites, free apps, templates and proven strategies that work to grow your fan base. If you're a solo musician, a band, producer or manager of an artist this book is a must-have! ©2017, 126 pages