The MPEG Handbook, Second Edition

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A complete, professional 'bible' on all aspects of audio and video compression using MPEG technology, including the MPEG-4 standard and, in this second edition, H-264. The clarity of explanation and depth of technical detail combine to make this book an essential and definitive reference work. The MPEG Handbook is both a theoretical and practical treatment of the subject. Fundamental knowledge is provided alongside practical guidance on how to avoid pitfalls and poor quality. The often-neglected issues of reconstructing the signal timebase at the decoder and of synchronizing the signals in a multiplex are treated fully here. Previously titled MPEG-2, the book is frequently revised to cover the latest applications of the technology. Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to compression; Chapter 2: Fundamentals; Chapter 3: Processing for compression; Chapter 4: Audio compression; Chapter 5: MPEG video compression; Chapter 6: Program and Transport; Chapter 7: Uses of MPEG. ©2004, 470 pages. Hardcover.