The Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz Drummer

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780252085512

Dottie Dodgion is a jazz drummer who played with the best. A survivor, she lived an entire lifetime before she was seventeen. Undeterred by hardships she defied the odds and earned a seat as a woman in the exclusive men's club of jazz. Her dues-paying path as a musician took her from early work with Charles Mingus to being hired by Benny Goodman at Basin Street East on her first day in New York. From there she broke new ground as a woman who played a "man's instrument" in first-string, all-male New York City jazz bands. Her inspiring memoir talks frankly about her music and the challenges she faced, and shines a light into the jazz world of the 1960s and 1970s.

 Vivid and always entertaining, The Lady Swings tells Dottie Dodgion's story with the same verve and straight-ahead honesty that powered her playing. ©2021


Prefatory Notes
Part I. The California Years
Scene One: On the Road
Scene Two: Spot
Behind The Scenes One: The Giaimos
Scene Three: Eleanor Powell's Shoes
Behind The Scenes Two: The Tiptons
Scene Four: The Eight-Day Clock
Scene Five: Polio
Scene Six: Jail Bait
Scene Seven: TD&L
Scene Eight: Mingus
Scene Nine: Apple Pie, Apple Pie, Apple Pie
Scene Ten: A Little Help from My Friends
Scene Eleven: The Drummer Was Always Late
Scene Twelve: Monty
Scene Thirteen: Jerry
Scene Fourteen: 176 Steps
Behind The Scenes Three: Eugene's Lessons
Scene Fifteen: First Time in Vegas
Scene Sixteen: Followed by Myself in the Moonlight
Scene Seventeen: The IT Club
Scene Eighteen: Thunderbird
Part II. The New York and East Coast Years
Scene Nineteen: 14 Drummers
Scene Twenty: Mount Airy Lodge
Scene Twenty-One: Strollers
Scene Twenty-Two: The Village Stompers
Scene Twenty-Three: Eddie Condon's
Behind The Scenes Four: Pearls to Swine
Scene Twenty-Four: Park Ridge
Scene Twenty-Five: Piano Party
Behind The Scenes Five: Ruby
Scene Twenty-Six: Suburban Housewife
Scene Twenty-Seven: In the Middle of the Brook
Scene Twenty-Eight: Harold's Rogue and Jar
Scene Twenty-Nine: Melba Liston And Company
Scene Thirty: Fazee Cakes
Part III. California Redux
Scene Thirty-One: The Best Kept Secret in Town
Scene Thirty-Two: A Leader at Sixty-Five
Scene Thirty-Three: Pacific Grove
Scene Thirty-Four: Octogenarian