The Junior Drummer’s Bible

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Product Overview

Publisher: AMA Verlag

Format: Softcover & CD

ISBN: 978-38992-2248-7
This book contains notes and exercises based on John Trotter's many years of experience working with pupils aged between five and ten years. Written with simplified drum notation, the exercises in this book only contain grooves and rudiments with minims, crotchets and quavers.

The Junior Drummers Bible teaches children the basics of drumstick grip, notation (time signatures, note and rest values, and dynamics) and the first rudiments. The author extensively covers popular music styles including Latin, Samba, Rumba, Rock, Funk, Blues and Swing, Soul, Disco and Punk and shows pupils which grooves can be played with the different instruments of the drum kit. The chapters are structured so that as you work through the book, the exercises are gradually expanded with additional instruments. A chapter on advanced concepts and fully notated solos in different music styles gives students an insight into how the drum kit can be used as a solo or accompanying instrument. Teachers can use this book in their lessons to show modern concepts in simplified notation. Includes CD. ©2019, 282 pages

How to Use the Audio CD 

1 Sticks & Pedals
Hand Positions - ‘French’ & ‘German’ Grips 
Bass Drum Pedal 
Hi-Hat Pedal 

2 Notation & Setup 
Stave & Layout 
Drum Kit Map 
Musical Notation 
Bars & Barlines 
Repeat Signs 
Time Signatures 

3 Rhythm Exercises 
Basic Rhythms 
Rhythm Exercise 1-3
8th Note Introduction 
Rhythm Exercise 4-5
Rhythm Exercise Summary 1-2

4 Rudiments 
Single Stroke Roll 
Double Stroke Roll 
Multiple Bounce (Press or Buzz) Roll 
The Flam 
The Drag 
Single Paradiddle 
Double Paradiddle 
Inverted Paradiddle 
Hand Exercises 

5 Rock 
Hands Only 
Adding Bass Drum 
Basic Rock Groove 
Bass Drum Variations 
Double Snare 

6 Open Hi-Hat 
Open Hi-Hat Introduction 
Open Hi-Hat Variations 
Open Hi-Hat and Bass Drum Together 
Open Hi-Hat with Double Snare 
4 Bar Summary Exercises 

7 Drum Fills 
Quarter Note Fills 
Fills - Adding 8th Notes 
8th Note Fills 
Adding Crash Cymbal 
Fills with Crash Cymbal 
Snare Fills 
Snare and Tom Tom Fills 
Hand & Foot Combinations 
Hand & Foot Fills 
Fill Workout 
Quarter Note Flam Fills 
8th Note Flam Fills 
Left Hand Crash Cymbal 

8 The Ride Cymbal 
Ride Cymbal Variations 
Adding the Hi-Hat with the Foot 
Ride Cymbal Grooves Adding Tom Toms 
Ride Cymbal Grooves Adding Tom Toms and Hi-Hat with the Foot

9 The Cross Stick 
Cross Stick Variations 
Cross Stick With Open Hi-Hat 

10 Rock Summary 
Rock Summary 1-12 

11 Hi Hat Variations 
One Handed Method Introduction 
One Handed Hi-Hat with Bass Drum Variations 
One Handed Variations with Open Hi-Hat 
Two Handed Hi-Hat Method 
Two Handed Hi-Hat Method Introduction 
Two Handed Hi-Hat with Bass Drum Variations 
Two Handed Variations with Open Hi-Hat 
Hi-Hat Summary 1-8

12 Triplets / Blues 
Counting Triplets 
Triplet Bass Drum Variations 
Triplet Variations with Open Hi-Hat 
Triplet Fills 
Triplet Summary
Shuffle Variations 
Shuffle with Bass Drum Variations 
Shuffle Variations with Open Hi-Hats 
Shuffle Fills 
Shuffle Summary 
Half Time Shuffle 
Swing /Jazz 
Swing ‘Build Up’ 
Swing Variations 
Swing Hi-Hat Pattern 
Swing Brushes 
Jazz Waltz 

13 Funk 
Funk Intro 1 
Funk Intro 2 
1 Bar Funk Variations 
2 Bar Funk Variations 
Funk with Open Hi-Hat 
Funk with Ride Cymbal 
Funk - Adding Bell of the Ride Cymbal 
Funk with Disco Hi-Hat 1 -8
Funk with Disco Ride 1-8
Funk Summary on Hi-Hat 
Funk Summary on Ride Cymbal 

14 World Beats 
General Latin – Samba / Mambo 
Samba Batucada 
‘Snare Off’ Samba 
Tom Tom Samba 
Bossa Nova 
New Orleans – Second Line Grooves 
Soul / Motown 
Soca / World Beat 
Hard Rock / Punk 
Rocka Nova 

15 Military 
March 1-8
March Summary 
March Medley 
Buzz Roll Summary 
Buzz Roll Medley 
Triplet Marches 
March 9-12
Triplet March Summary 
Triplet March Medley 
Triplet Buzz Roll Summary 
Triplet Buzz Roll Medley 

16 Alternative Grooves 
Tom Tom Grooves 
The ‘Bo Diddley’ Groove 
Tom Tom Grooves Adding Hi-Hat with the Foot 
‘Bo Diddley’ with Hi-Hat 
Snare Drum Grooves 
Train Beat 
The Gallop 
Cowbell Grooves 
Cowbell Grooves Adding Hi-Hat with the Foot 
Cowbell Grooves Adding Hi-Hat on 1, 2, 3 & 4

17 Advanced Ideas 
Single Paradiddle Grooves & Fills 
Inverted Paradiddle Grooves & Fills 
Bass Drum Development 
Advanced Bass Drum Grooves 
Advanced Bass Drum Grooves with Open Hi-Hat
Double Time 

18 Solos
Cowbell Solo
Rock Solo
Funk Solo
Disco Solo
Tom Tom Solo
Latin American Solo
Swing Solo
Military Solo 1
Military Solo 2
‘Broadway’ Solo