The Joy of 33 Piano Recital Pieces

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Here is the ultimate collection of piano pieces by Denes Agay, including not only his most popular pieces from the Yorktown catalog, but also favorites from the G. Schirmer and Sam Fox catalogs.Many of these pieces are no longer available in sheets or other collections!
Teachers who are familiar with Denes Agay will be thrilled to find these pieces & others available again in this volume:
Prelude on "The Star Spangled Banner"
Little Rhapsody on "America the Beautiful"
Sonatina in Classic Style
Scherzo Sonatina
Here Comes the Circus!
Variations on (a greeting song)
Dance Toccata (piano duet)
Boogie Variations on 'Shortnin Bread' (piano duet)
(and many more!)
Those unfamiliar with Denes Agay will be pleased by the selection of intermediate to advanced works in this book. The CD contains performances of each piece for teacher and student reference.
This is the most anticipated release in the "Joy of" series for many years - don't miss out! ©2002, 134 pages. Book & CD.