The Insider Audio Bathroom Reader

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For over ten years, Paul Lehrman has been providing the music industry with technical know-how, insightful interviews, horror stories, historical perspectives, political harangues, and much, much more as part of his monthly "Insider Audio" column in Mix magazine. Now, for the first time, Lehrman has compiled his favorite columns into one collection. Equal parts humorous and insightful, and always entertaining, the author shares the columns that have made him the most popular writer in professional audio today, with new introductions and commentary. As an added bonus, The Insider Audio Bathroom Reader features the rantings of the author's cantankerous alter-ego, P.T. Grumpmeier, over 20 pages of Paul's favorite jokes relating to music and the music industry, extended interviews that didn" t make it into the magazine, and even some columns that Mix couldn't print! Why a "bathroom reader" you ask? Because it" s intended to be read in small doses, when you" re ... ahem ... relaxed. But by no means must the book reside specifically in the bathroom. Read it anywhere - it" s great to keep around in the studio, or on the coffee table, or to take to the beach - anywhere you" re in need of some recreational and enlightening reading material! Features:
  • For anyone - amateur or professional - with a serious interest in audio electronics, production, or the modern music-making process.
  • Features a collection of essays and personal observations on the art, science, and business of music-making in a technological world and interviews with important figures in the world of music-making.
  • Essays cover a wide range of topics and perspectives encompassing many aspects of music, recording, live sound, film and television, radio, business, legal issues, and more.
  • This comprehensive compilation of the author" s popular Mix magazine column run from humorous to thoughtful to critical. ©2006, 432 pages.
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