The Incompleat Sound Operator

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Product Overview

A Brief Compendium of Recommendations, Tips and Techniques for Sound System Operators at Live Music Performances That Use Sound Reinforcement

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781951989002

A "how-to" book for people who operate sound systems that covers all aspects of "doing sound." It includes information about pre-event planning, setup, and operation. It covers gain structure (getting the volume right) mixing and sound equalization. There are recommendations and tips for all aspects of sound operation.  Also it includes a visual glossary. ©2020, 78 pages

A great primer for new sound operators. The book clearly explains the steps of setup and operation, without getting bogged down in unnecessary technical details.

Ridge's clear simple language and answers to many 'why does...?' questions gives anybody with an interest in sound the confidence to dive in, do well and make it better next time.

Ridge strikes a good balance between hard-core technical elements (e.g., connections and settings) and soft topics (e.g., set-up sequence, and communicating with musicians). Ridge gives especially-useful guidance for working with large ensembles. A great handbook for the sound person who can handle basic set-up, but wants to achieve better results with fewer headaches.

I wish it had been available when I started volunteering to "do sound" for the Birdsboro Contra Dance 14 years ago. Even with my real-world experience I found this book interesting and informative. I learned some things and was reassured about many more.

As a musician and sound person, I read this book and found it helpful in setting up our sound board at home and at gigs. I tried all the methods and tricks in the book and I am now much more comfortable and efficient with sound set-up for my own band. I highly recommend it.