The Improvising Fingerstyle Guitarist

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Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-15134-6656-9

This book is written -with the guitar at hand- to help you as a fingerstyle guitarist, improvise in a contemporary way on the guitar. Every musician can learn to improvise. You just need to study and practice the right tools.

Each chapter focuses on a different improvisational approach. An extensive theoretical knowledge is not necessary. This book is written for all levels: the beginner, the intermediate and advanced player. Every guitarist will find new insights and concepts to broaden his improvisational skills.

Studying this book will increase your confidence for improvising, stimulate your command of the guitar with scale, interval, arpeggio studies and above all stimulate your imagination and musical creativity.

In every chapter there is a 'Your turn' section, following the examples. The aim is to create your own improvisations. The book contains standard notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio. ©2020, 148 pages



Chapter 1: Breaking Down the C Major Scale
Chapter 2: Single Note Lines Preceded by a Bass Note
Chapter 3: Dyads and Melodic Invention
Chapter 4: Root-Root Alteration in the Bass
Chapter 5: Adding a Middle Voice
Chapter 6: More Movement in the Middle Voice
Chapter 7: Basic Chords
Chapter 8: Chord Arpeggiation
Chapter 9: Chord Parts and Upper Voice Movement
Chapter 10: Dyads Based on All the Scale Notes
Chapter 11: All Approaches Thus Far
Chapter 12: Root-Third in the Bottom Voice
Chapter 13: Embellishing the Bass Line (Part 1): Approach Notes
Chapter 14: Embellishing the Bass Line (Part 2): A Freer Approach
Chapter 15: Adding Chromatic Tones in the Melody
Chapter 16: Modern Sounds (Part 1): f5 and s5 in the Middle Voice
Chapter 17: Modern Sounds (Part 2): Adding an M7 to Minor Chords in the Middle Voice
Chapter 18: Modern Sounds (Part 3): Adding Major and Minor Seconds in the Middle Voice
Chapter 19: Modern Sounds (Part 4): Sus2 and Sus4 Chords
Chapter 20: The C Major Scale in Higher Positions on the Fretboard
Chapter 21: Root-Third in Higher Positions
Chapter 22: Root-Third: Two-Part Playing
Chapter 23: Shell Voicings
Chapter 24: Shell Voicings and Melodic Material
Chapter 25: Direct Substitutions on Shell Voicings
Chapter 26: Modern Sounds in Higher Positions
Chapter 27: Altered Dominants: f5 s5 f9 s9 in the Upper Voice
Chapter 28: Chord Progressions with Specific Chord Names
Chapter 29: All Together Now