The Guitar of Brian Setzer DVD

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Product Overview

Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats shows you a whole range of Rockabilly, Blues, Jazz and Country licks and tricks including wild string-bending techniques, slap-echo effects, Jazz and Swing guitar styles and some really hot solos that he breaks right down for you. Includes new introduction by Arlen Roth. Each Hot Licks DVD features:
  • Newly remastered from original videos;
  • Music & TAB shown on screen as its being played;
  • Right- and Left-Hand Techniques shown close-up and with split-screen effects to make learning easy;
  • Slow-motion segments with standard pitch sound;
  • Booklet with exercises in standard notation and tablature;
  • Immediate chapter access to each lesson;
  • Spanish, French, German and Italian subtitles;
  • Artist biography;
  • Selected discography. ©2006, DVD, 70 minutes.