The Guitar Grimoire - Progressions & Improvisation

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Product Number: GT15

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-8258-3197-3

Progressions and Improvisations accompanies the third DVD in Adam Kadmon's Guitar Grimoire Series (DVD4). This volume covers the use of chords in progressions and improvisation. Filled with hundreds of exercises and diagrams in Adam Kadmon's unique and path-breaking style of presentation, this book completely examines the craft and universe of progressions. Improvisation and compositional technique are explained and interwoven to create a virtual encyclopedia of melodic and chordal possibilities, styles, dimensions and potentials. With this book, the user will be able to put the chords, modes and scales of The Guitar Grimoire to use in creating original music in almost any style.


The Building Blocks
Scales and Modes
Polychords, Slashchords, and Substitutions
Circle of Fifths
Circle Progressions
Scale Tone Degree Progressions
Instant Song Creator - The A B B A Method
Chords Used in 4 Measure Progressions
4 Measure Progressions
Soloing and Combatibility
12 Bar Progressions
Window Soloing Text
Window Soloing
Soloing Over Diatonics and Circle Progressions
Diatonics and Circle Progressions
Improvising Over Scale Tone Degree Progressions
Understanding the Notes
Notated Fretboard Chart
Key Signatures
Circle of Fifths in all 15 Keys
Diatonics Notated
Exercise Progressions
The Exercise Progressions
Scale Tone Degrees in 15 Keys
Numeric Analysis of Chords
Numeric Analysis of Scales
Chord - Scale Compatibility Chart