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Tomatito's Paseo de los Castanos Score, Volume 1 Transcribed by Enrique Vargas New book of The Great Flamenco Guitarist of today Library by Enrique Vargas. The complete transcription of the historic CD "Paseo de los Castanos" by Tomatito, one of the most influential flamenco guitarists of our times. Maestro Enrique Vargas has chosen this CD to transcribe for two reasons: first, because it" s musical value is unquestionable and second, because this recording like no other reflects the versatility of the artistic trajectory of this guitarist and composer. This work demonstrates a wide palette of styles and influences that Tomatito made his own: from a dazzling and very jazzy jam session with the great George Benson to a fiesta por bulerias in a wine cellar en Jerez de la Frontera in a pure Gypsy style, from an Argentinian bolero to a profoundly ancestral solea, from tangos flamencos so "Tomatito" to a Turkish folk song with a string cuartet. Presented in Spanish and English. ©2008, 246 pages.