The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780983496045

The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming provides an introduction on how to program a synthesizer for creating music in the studio and on stage. Used as a textbook for the introductory electronic music course at the Department of Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University, it covers the components and controls, of both hardware and software synthesizers, that are used to create a patch on a typical synth. Concepts are explained thoroughly with block diagramming, and practical examples are given with Reason Studios Subtractor and a Moog Voyager. ©2021, 72 pages

Dr. Joseph Akins started as a keyboard player. Today, he is an active composer, pianist and professor. At Middle Tennessee State University, he teaches courses in the Department of Recording Industry, particularly subjects in electronic music. He has an extensive discography of recorded music that has earned various awards and extensive airplay. In addition, he has created factory patches for Dave Smith Instruments and created tutorial videos for Moog Music.