The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook

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A Radical Guide to Cutting Loose, Overcoming Blocks, & Writing the Best Songs of Your Life. Stop pulling out your hair and crumpling up paper, The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook blasts away your mental roadblocks so you can tap into your deepest creative resources. Whether you're a total novice or a seasoned pro, whether you're a pencil-and-paper songwriter or a gearhead with way too much recording equipment, whether you just want to go further as a songwriter or throw out everything and start over, The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook will revolutionize the way you write music. It outlines a radical new system, Immersion Music Method, designed to help you smash through creative block, become recklessly prolific, and make quantum leaps in your musical and compositional skills. Bursting with mind-blowing tips and games and tales from the trenches of extreme songwriting, The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook will show you how to summon those elusive moments of inspiration on command, resulting in rogue creativity and fulfillment you never dreamed possible. You'll learn how to:
  • Confront and slay your biggest songwriting phobias
  • Roll over procrastination like an armored tank
  • Form a self-motivated group of composer friends (a "songwriter lodge")
  • Concoct new musical styles like a mad scientist
  • Use technology to supercharge your creativity. ©2006, 127 pages.
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