The Focal Easy Guide to Cakewalk Sonar

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Reg Retail Price: $24.95 US This color-illustrated guide is an ideal starting point for anyone using Cakewalk" s popular Sonar software for the first time, particularly those who are switching over from alternative music production software. The author draws on his many years of expertise in Sonar to help new users get up and running fast. As well as covering the basics of setup, this concise guide provides readers with a working knowledge of all the essential tools and features, so professional results can be achieved fast. Updates on new features can be found on the book" s associated website. The book is suitable for users of both the Studio and Producer Editions, with the essential extra tools available to Producer Edition users conveniently covered in the book" s final chapter. Contents:
  • Preface
  • SONAR basics
  • Setting up
  • Recording audio
  • Recording MIDI
  • Editing audio
  • Editing MIDI
  • Using plug-in instruments and effects
  • Using ReWire
  • The Console View and routing
  • Automation
  • Working with video
  • Mixing down and mastering
  • SONAR Studio or Producer Edition? ©2005, 288 pages.
  • ISBN