The Fiddle Club Collection 2

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Series: Fiddle Club

Product Number: 99734

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 978-07866-6038-4

The Fiddle Club series provides a valuable resource of fiddle tunes for anyone interested in this style of music. The authors, themselves music educators, include bar numbers plus fingering and bowing indications which are helpful in teaching, especially in group situations. Several of the tunes in this collection are arranged for two violins, creating a fuller sound for ensemble performance. ©2001, 64 pages


Anniversary  Waltz 
Blackjack  Whiskey 
Blue Water Hornpipe 
Buttermilk Mary
Cape Breton Jig 
Carpenter's Reel 
Centennial  Waltz 
Crooked  Stovepipe 
Donegal Jig 
Elliott's Favourite Reel 
Farmer's Jamboree 
Fisher's Hornpipe  
Flannigan's Polka 
Geese In The Bog 
Georgiana  Moon 
Growlin Old  Man & Growlin  Old Woman 
Haste To The  Wedding 
Irish Washerwoman 
Lady OfThe Lake 
Mason's Apron 
McDowell's  Breakdown 
Minstrel's Fancy 
Moll In The Wad Jig
Old Man and Old Woman 
Plaza  Polka 
Red River Waltz 
Rochester  Schottische 
Rustic Jig 
Silver And Gold Two-Step 
Smash  the Window 
Soldiers Joy 
To The  Ladies Jig 
Westphalia  Waltz 
Winding Stream 
Woodchopper's  Reel