The Featured Drummer

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A unique method for the contemporary drummer exploring over-the-barline rhythmic groupings, and how to develop polyrhythmic phrases and grooves. Terry Silverlight first gained reknown at the age of 14 playing with the Barry Miles Band, and has since worked with Billy Ocean, George Benson, Natalie Merchant, Tom Jones, Phil Woods and many others. He is also a top session player in New York City, playing on countless movie scores, television shows and commercials. The Featured Drummer has been praised by such top names as Billy Cobham, Jim Chapin, Danny Gottlieb, Al DiMeola, Paul Wertico and others. In fact, the audio CDs with this book even feature top names John Patitucci and Barry Miles. This book is organized by style (shuffle, samba, 6/8, and funk.) Within each style, exercises are grouped, beginning with ';hands only' - accents in groups of 3, 4, 5 and 7. This is followed by a lead sheet (melody & chord changes) for a sample jazz tune, for practical use of exercises. Next is a page of grooves for full set, and finally fills in that style, again in groups of threes, fours, fives and sevens. Each groove & fill is demonstrated on separate tracks on the first CD (practice CD.) The sample tunes are then played in their entirety on the 2nd, performance CD (and the book references where within each song, specific grooves and fills are played.) This is a very practical way to learn these styles, by listening and laying with top jazz musicians! ©2005, Book & 2 CDs. 112 pages.