The Everything Songwriting book

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Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought you could write a better one? Well, now is your chance!
"The Everything Songwriting Book" provides you with all the tools you need to create, perform, and sell hit songs. In easy-to-follow language, professional songwriter and consultant C.J. Watson gives you hand-tested instruction on choosing a song style, getting your story across, and finding the right music to match the words. From developing an idea and creating a hook to recording your songs and getting heard, "The Everything Songwriting Book" contains all you need to bring your talent to the next level.Features professional advice on how to: Find and develop song ideas
Formulate a catchy rhyme scheme
Incorporate unique phrasing
Create colorful imagery and word play
Get compositions into the right handsWhether you're just starting out or are looking for inspiration, "The Everything Songwriting Book" is your first step toward achieving songwriting success.C.J. Watson was lead vocalist/guitarist in the first rock band to tour China. He recorded a #10 Indie Country single, and worked as an Artist Development Representative. His songs have been recorded by: James Otto (Mercury), Mustang Sally (Curb), Patt Webb (Flatrock), and Jason Whitehorn (Arista). He's currently a full-time staff songwriter for Blue Desert Entertainment in his hometown, Nashville, TN.
©2003, 289 pages.