The Essential Classical Guitar Scale Book

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 978-15134-6556-2

The Essential Classical Guitar Scale Book can be used by all guitarists no matter where you are on your path to mastering the instrument. For the teacher and student, this book is essential because it is a complete and codified scale system that can be used to learn proper finger placement, coordination, music theory, practice techniques, and a general knowledge of the guitar fretboard. In addition to the traditional 2 and 3 octave scales, modes, whole tone, and diminished scales are covered. Useful practice schedules for mastery are also included. Work on theory, sight reading, tone, synchronization, speed, legato and more while keeping scale practice fresh. ©2020, 48 pages


Preparing the Left Hand
The Right-Hand Thumb
Scale Practice Essentials
Phase I
 - Major and Melodic Minor Scale Practice Schedule
 - Right-Hand Finger Combinations
 - Rollercoaster Scale Exercise
Phase 2
 - Rhythmic Variations
 - Accent Variations
 - Slow Click, Quick Fingers
Phase 3
 - Minor Scale Practice Schedule
Phase 4
 - Mode Practice Schedule
 - Parallel Mode Practice Schedule
 - Diatonic Mode Practice Schedule
Phase 5
 - Diminished and Whole-Tome Scale Practice Schedule
Phase 6
 - Master Scale Practice Schedule
Major and Minor Scales
More Scales