The Encyclopedia of Groove

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"The Encyclopedia of Groove" is a progressive presentation of hip variations of groove components. After a few basic instructions, the book effectively leads the student through Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Components with reinforcement and extension of each section taught through Review, Hi-hat Variations and Step-by-Step Patterns. Special highlights of "The Encyclopedia of Groove" are the very effective sections on Fills and The Riff Workshop. The accompanying CD provides an "ultimate play-along" format for the 10 Riff Workshop grooves as well as recorded examples of many exercises. Bobby Rock, who studied at the Berklee College of Music with Ed Kaspik and Lenny Nelson, is an accomplished clinician/educator, a published author, and has excellent performing and recording experience. Bobby is highly recognizable from his work with Geffen recording artists Nelson (their platinum debut album yielded four Top 10 hits). More recently, he has been actively purusing a solo career, touring and recording with his own band. He remains one of the most active clinicians in the business. Book & CD.