The Drumbassadors, Volume 1 DVD

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Volume I shows Rene Creemers and Wim de Vries, both drummer and Dutchmen as "The Drumbassadors". Stylistically they combine European, African, and American grooves, sounds, and melodies in their own unique way. An essential requirement of their repertoire that it must consist of 'songs'. Melody, no matter how simple, is key. Besides using different kinds of sticks Rene and Wim use their fingers, sing and rap words with only one goal in mind: to feature the drum kit as a musical instrument with unlimited possibilities. That's why this Drumbassadors DVD sounds like a global jouney rather than a drum show-off. Their musical, creative and virtuoso approach to the drumset is clearly perceptible on this DVD, therefore Volume 1 is a must for all music lovers. The Drumbassadors run the gamut, from left to right, top to bottom, loud to soft, thick to thin, green to yellow, round to square, fast to slow, and... they do it with confidence. ©2007, DVD, 75 minutes. Download now at: Drumbassadors: Volume 1