The Drum Set SMART Book

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Format: Softcover & Online Audio
ISBN: 978-07866-9887-5
Full of essential tips and exercises to improve a drummer's most important techniques, The Drumset SMART (Style-Mechanics-Applications-Routines-Tips) book is a text with easy to understand terminology. Steve explains the mechanics and musical aspects of drumming as if he were teaching a lesson one on one. Whether you are just beginning your studies, or are an experienced player, this SMART book for drumset can be used as a resource for instant solutions at your finger tips. Includes access to online audio. ©2017
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Notation Key
Equipment Choice
Getting Started/Set up, Posture,
   and Dynamic Balance
Tips for Selecting a Teacher
Mechanics - The Hands and Feet
   Traditional or Matched?
Hand Exercises
   Warm Up Drill
   Single and Double Stroke Drill
   The Flam Drill
   Triplet Control Drill
Bass Drum Technique
   Heel Up
   Heel Down
Hi-Hat Technique
   Heel Up
Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Control Study
Quick Learning Tips
Using a Metronome for Practice
Tempo Drill Exercise
Style Analysis
45 Memorized Beats
Practice Log Example
Coordination Study
Wire Brush Technique
Transcribing Tips
Drum Chart Reading Tips
Audition Tips
Personal Skills
Forms of Improvisation
Listening List, Selected Discography,
   and Recommended Study
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