The Drum Set Crash Course Book/CD

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"The Drum Set Crash Course" covers the essential foundations and grooves that will prepare the drummer for a variety of musical situations encountered on the average professional gig. Designed to be an encyclopedia of many drumming styles, "THE DRUM SET CRASH COURSE" covers Afro-Cuban and Brazilian, blues, country, hip hop, jazz, reggae, rock and much more. In addition to the drum set examples on the CD, there is a play-along for each of the 18 styles of music. This allows you to apply each lesson's material in a practical musical situation. This music-first approach to learning the art of drumming helps develop a better drummer, and more important, a better musician. Also available is "The Drum Set Crash Course" Video (WB405). The video ecompasses materials for the "Crash Course" book as well as its prequel "Transitions". These products together form the most comprehensive learning system for drum set studies in the world. ©1996, 92 pages. Book & CD.