The Drum - A Mini Musical

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A Mini-Musical based on a Tale of Generosity for Unison and 2-Part Voices. VERSION: Teacher's Handbook (Includes Reproducible Student Pages) VOICING: Unison / 2-Part All children have dreams, just like Jordan" s dream of one day having a drum. Watch as generosity helps everyone" s dreams come true! Starting with just a stick, Jordan" s day becomes quite magical. A stick turns into bread; to children it is fed. Then I am given a pot, and I think "Why not?" It replaced the one beyond repair, and I got a new coat to wear! And amazingly you know, of course, in return for it""”I got a horse! Jordan" s last adventure of the day involves a wedding party made up of musicians. Do you think his/her dream will finally come true? Don" t miss this charming new mini-musical based on a wonderful folk tale from India.
  • Recommended for grades 2-7.
  • Performance time: approximately 20 minutes.
  • Reproducible Student Pages included in Teacher" s Handbook.
  • Enhanced SoundTrax CD includes reproducible PDF files of Student Pages and Cover Art.
  • Staging Notes included. ©2009.
  • ISBN