The Dark Story Of Eminem

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The first in-depth ground-breaking book traces Marshall Mathers' rise to fame from the schools and workplaces of his native Detroit to global superstardom. From the depths of being a suicidal no-hoper through the redemptive alias of Slim Shady to eventual triumph as an unlikely rap star, Eminem's dark story is unflinchingly presented in this wide-ranging book. The author also lays bare Eminem's relationship with his much-hated mother, his teenage soul-mate Kim Scott, Dr. Dre, and The Bass Brothers who guided and inspired him from the age of fourteen. Continually reviled, sued and criticized, Eminem continues to be a major cultural force. The book comes right up to date with an analysis of Eminem's current success and his debut as a film star in the autobiographical 8 mile.Nick Hasted writes on music, movies, books and comics for The Independent, The Guardian and Uncut magazine in the UK. ©2003, 216 pages.