The Daily Song Journal: 365 Tips, Tools, and Takeaways for Songwriting Success

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781544517780

Mark Cawley has helped thousands of songwriters jump start their creativity and break free from creative ruts. Now he invites you to do the same with The Daily Song Journal - a totally unique way to approach a year in the life of a songwriter.

This is not your typical "how-to" book. It's a 365-day journal packed with bite-sized inspiration, motivation, and prompts designed specifically for songwriters. Each day, you'll be invited to take one of four actions-read, listen, watch, or go-and to make your own notes. From the nuts-and-bolts of song craft to the business and relational side of songwriting, The Daily Song Journal provides inspiration for every aspect of a songwriter's life.

The Daily Song Journal will be an indispensable tool for this-and every-year of your songwriting journey. ©2020, 384 pages

Mark Cawley is a hit songwriter, bestselling author, in-demand speaker, songwriting coach, and popular blogger. His songs have appeared on more than sixteen million records, including those of legendary artists from Tina Turner and Joe Cocker to Diana Ross and many more. Through his service, he has coached thousands of songwriters worldwide. Mark is a judge for the UK Songwriting Contest, Belmont University's Commercial Music program, and West Coast Songwriter events. He's a contributing author to USA Songwriting, INtune Magazine, and Songwriter Magazine. He is also a sponsor for the Australian Songwriting Association and a mentor for The Songwriting Academy UK. Mark resides in Nashville, Tennessee.