The Craig Duncan Master Fiddle Solo Collection

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Craig Duncan

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Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Format: Softcover
Presents 140 of the most frequently played tunes in old time fiddle contests as well as the most popular bluegrass, square dance and country tunes heard throughout the United States. The performance length arrangements of contest tunes include standard as well as challenging variations on hoe-downs, rags, polkas, show pieces, and waltzes complete with suggested accompaniment chords. This encyclopedia of fiddle tunes and variations spotlights American popular fiddle music as played by the great fiddlers of our time. 150 pages
Ace Of Spades      
Allentown Polka      
Angeline The Baker      
Arkansas Traveler      
Ashoken Farewell      
Back Up And Push      
Beaumont Rag      
Bill Cheatham      
Billy In The Lowground      
Bitter Creek      
Black And White Rag      
Black Eyed Suzie      
Black Mountain Rag      
Blackberry Blossom      
Boil Them Cabbage Down      
Bonaparte's Retreat      
Bully Of The Town      
Calgary Polka      
Cattle In The Cane      
Champagne Polka      
Chancellor's Waltz      
Cherokee Shuffle      
Chicken Reel      
Chinky Pin      
Cincinnati Rag      
Clarinet Polka      
Cottoneyed Joe      
Cottonpatch Rag      
Cripple Creek      
Cuckoo's Nest      
Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe?      
Dill Pickle Rag      
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down      
Done Gone      
Down Yonder      
Draggin' The Bow      
Durang's Hornpipe      
Durham's Bull      
Dusty Miller      
East Tennessee Blues      
Eighth Of January      
Festival Waltz      
Fiddler's Dream      
Fiddler's Waltz      
Fifty Years Ago Waltz      
Fire On The Mountain      
Fireman's Reel      
Fisher's Hornpipe      
Flop Eared Mule      
Forked Deer      
Gardenia Waltz      
Gaudette Polka      
Georgianna Moon      
German Waltz      
Get Up John      
Golden Eagle Hornpipe      
Golden Slippers      
Goodbye Liza Jane      
Goodnight Waltz      
Grandfather Polka      
Grey Eagle      
Hell Among The Yearlings      
Herman's Rag      
Highland Hornpipe      
Home With The Girls In The Morning      
Hop Light Ladies      
I Don't Love Nobody      
Jack Of Diamonds      
Jerusalem Ridge      
Jesse Polka      
Jolie Blonde      
Katy Hill      
Kelly's Waltz      
Leather Britches      
Lee Highway Blues      
Listen To The Mockingbird      
Little Beggarman      
Lone Star Rag      
Lonesome Fiddle Blues      
Lonesome John      
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz      
Lost Highway Blues      
Lost Indian      
Maidens Prayer      
Martin's Waltz      
Memory Waltz      
Midnight On The Water      
Miss Mcleod's Reel      
Mississippi Sawyer      
Old Joe Clark      
Over The Waterfall      
Over The Waves      
Paddy On The Turnpike      
Raggedy Ann      
Ragtime Annie      
Red Haired Boy      
Red Wing      
Road To Columbus      
Rose Of Allenvale      
Rose Of Sharon      
Roxanna Waltz      
Rubber Dolly      
Rye Straw      
Sail Away Ladies      
Sally Ann      
Sally Goodin      
Sally Johnson      
Salt River      
Say Old Man      
Snow Flake Reel      
Soldiers Joy      
Soppin' The Gravy      
St. Anne's Reel      
Star Of The County Down      
Stone's Rag      
Stoney Point      
Sweetheart Schottische      
Temperence Reel      
Tennessee Wagoner      
Texas Schottische      
Tom And Jerry      
Turkey In The Straw      
Twinkle Little Star      
Under The Double Eagle      
Washington County      
Wednesday Night Waltz      
Westphalia Waltz      
Whiskey Before Breakfast      
Wild Fiddler's Rag      
Year Of Jubilo      
Yellow Rose Waltz