The Craft and Art of Scenic Design - Strategies, Concepts, and Resources

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Product Overview

The Craft and Art of Scenic Design: Strategies, Concepts, and Resources explores how to design stage scenery from a practical and conceptual perspective. Discussion of conceptualizing the design through script analysis and research is followed by a comprehensive overview of execution: collaboration with directors and other designers, working with spaces, developing an effective design process, and the aesthetics of stage design. This book features case studies, key words, tip boxes, definitions, and chapter exercises. Additionally, it provides advice on portfolio and career development, contracts, and working with a union.


Chapter 1: The Nature of the Craft

Chapter 2: Scenic Design in the Past & Today

Chapter 3: Working with Directors

Chapter 4: Working with Text

Chapter 5: Research, Period and Visual History

Chapter 6: The Designable Idea

Chapter 7: Space

Chapter 8: Design and Redesign

Chapter 9: The Art(work) of Communication

Chapter 10: Considerations for Single and Unit Set Productions

Chapter 11: Considerations for Productions with Moving Scenery

Chapter 12: On to the Stage

Chapter 13: Realities of the Profession

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